OSHA is comprised of a diverse team of safety and quality professionals whose expertise is focused on what the company does best:

Implement site-specific solutions that are efficient,

cost-effective, and on schedule

With technical expertise as diverse and complex as the sites and facilities of its clients, OSHA is strategically positioned to help the regulated community manage a wide range of technical and regulatory issues related to past, present and future operations.

OSHA is distinguished by the range and variety of professional disciplines it provides; the advanced technical expertise of OSHA staff; and professional contributions that OSHA has made to industry as well as the local community through participation in a number of projects and events that have helped to raise public awareness related to safety, and quality concerns`




OSHA has established long term-valued relationships with our clients, providing customized approaches to occupational injury and illness prevention. We work closely and discretely with clients to identify hazards and provide perspective on risk. OSHA can then correct deficiencies and improve performance within an existing organizational framework. The fact that we continue to work with clients for many years speaks to the level of trust and reliability we have established


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